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This Week in Climate Accountability 3/21/22

This Week in Climate Accountability 3/21/22

A bit about this newsletter: If you're on this list, you signed up for a Drilled newsletter at some point. We were on hiatus for a while as I started working with Mary Annaise Heglar on the Hot Take newsletter, which is still very much going! But there's a bunch of ongoing Drilled reporting that doesn't quite fit there, and since I've re-focused the podcast on narrative seasons there are various bonus episodes that don't have a home too, and so here we are. Each week I'll share a quick list of things I'm keeping tabs on, with at least one longer piece. Occasionally I'll post exclusives on here that won't show up anywhere else. And at least a couple times a month I'll release a subscriber-only podcast episode too. The longer pieces and podcast eps will be paywalled, the rest will be free (as will the main podcast feed). Questions, comments, tips? Send 'em along!

Five Stories to Watch

Coming up:

  • The IPCC Working Group III report is coming April 4th; we'll have a detailed analysis that week.
  • Next week, a bonus podcast episode with the campus divestment activists leading the charge to get fossil fuel money out of university research.